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Commercial Lease Agreement

An Agreement To Lease Commercial Property is a legal agreement which sets out the rights and obligations between a landlord and a tenant.

Commercial Property Leases can be used for a range of properties, most commonly industrial property, offices and warehouses.

Our professionally drafted Commercial Property Lease Agreement is written in plain English and is easily understood.

They contain essential provisions to ensure the protection of both the Landlord’s property investment and the Tenant’s ongoing business operations.

Commercial Leases are not as heavily regulated as Retail or Residential Leases. This means that they have a greater degree of flexibility and room for negotiation to take into account the unique requirements of the Tenant’s particular business operations while maintaining the Landlord’s interests.

Whilst we provide a comprehensive and professionally drafted template which can be used as the foundation of your agreement, the Landlord and Tenant may negotiate and modify the terms of the Commercial Lease Agreement as required so that it is tailored to the individual circumstances of the parties.

Should a dispute arise between the Landlord and the Tenant during the term of the Lease, the parties can have recourse to the Agreement which sets out procedures to ensure any disagreements are dealt with efficiently and with minimal stress.

It is important to make sure that your property does not fall under the scope of a retail property lease.

Retail leases differ from Commercial Property Leases as they need to comply strictly with specific legislation which stipulates the process and requirements that the Landlord and Tenant must comply with when entering into a Retail Lease. This includes the provision of a Disclosure Statement by the Landlord to the Tenant which is not a requirement of Commercial Property Leases.

The RP Emery lawyers have prepared an easy to read and use Commercial Property Lease Agreement, drafted in plain English and complying with all Australian laws. Our comprehensive agreement comes complete with a detailed 'user guide' to simplify the process. The RP Emery Commercial Property Lease Agreement is available now.

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