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Retail Shop Agreement of Lease

Australian retail leasing and tenancy laws have evolved to protect small business consumers and to help level the playing field for the people involved. They aim to provide this protection by ensuring that prospective tenants have enough information to make a solid decision about starting or renewing a Retail Shop Lease Rent Agreement.

The type of lease needed will depend on a number of factors, including the property itself and what you intend to use it for. Each Australian state has its own 'Act' that defines the type of premises and whether the act will apply. As a landlord or a tenant its vital that you understand your obligations and you rights under the relevant Act and meet the obligations set out under the agreement of lease to ensure you prevent any misunderstandings that may lead you into an unnecessary legal situation.

The retail tenancy law is very clear in most Australian states:

'A landlord in a retail lease must not, in connection with the lease, engage in conduct that that is misleading or deceptive to a tenant or guarantor. A party who suffers damage by reason of misleading or deceptive conduct of another party may make a claim for compensation.'

For more information and to download an agreement of lease for a shop or retail premises please visit RPEmery.com.au retail leasing page.


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