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Australian Commercial Lease Agreement Templates

A commercial lease is a legal document that sets out the rights and obligations between a landlord and a tenant in relation to industrial property, offices or warehouses.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, both have interests to protect when renting commercial premises. For the tenant, the stability provided by securing a long term business premises, can’t be underestimated. On the other hand, it’s most likely a steady return on the property investment, that will be uppermost in the landlord’s mind.

Along with useful information for landlords and tenants, this site contains professionally drafted Commercial Property Lease Agreements, Retail Tenancy kits and associated documents for all Australian states and territories.

Even though it may be tempting to do the deal on a handshake, it’s wise to put your agreement in writing to avoid misunderstandings and the ramifications of a verbal lease.

RP Emery’s commercial, retail and residential leasing templates are the first choice of property developers, law firms, accountants and small investors Australia wide.

commercial lease agreement templates - put it in writing

Putting your arrangement in writing gives you peace of mind and protection.

Because our Commercial lease agreement templates are written in Plain English, they’re easy to understand. They contain the all essential provisions needed to protect the interests of both parties, and they will save you a great deal of time and money.

Unlike Retail or Residential Leases, Commercial Leases are not as heavily regulated, giving you greater flexibility to negotiate an agreement that maintains the interests of both parties.

While we provide the foundation for a comprehensive and professionally drafted agreement, you are still free to negotiate and modify the terms of the Commercial or Retail Lease Agreement, so that it meets your unique circumstances.

It is important to ensure that your property does not fall under the scope of a retail property lease.

Retail Lease procedures differ from Commercial Property Leases because they need to comply with state-specific legislation. Landlords (and to some degree the tenant) must comply with strict processes and requirements under the Retail Leases Act for each state or territory. This includes the provision of a Disclosure Statement by the Landlord to the Tenant, which is not a requirement of Commercial Property Leases.

The RP Emery lawyers have prepared easy-to-use Commercial and Retail Lease Agreements, drafted in plain English and complying with all Australian laws. Our comprehensive agreements come complete with a detailed ‘user guide’ to simplify the process.

Our high quality Commercial Property and Retail Lease kits are available for immediate download now.

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