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Retail Shop Lease Kit QLD

This Queensland Retail Lease Agreement Lease is suitable for most retail shop leases in Queensland.

The retail shop leases legislation in Queensland, the Retail Shop Leases Act, 1994 regulates retail lease transactions.

The Act places a number of obligations on both the landlord and the tenant and provides the tenant with minimum rights. One of the aims of the regulations, in addition to reducing common areas of disputes, is to promote fairness by balancing the bargaining power of the landlord and tenant.

Is my lease a retail shop lease?

If your premises will be used as a factory, warehouse, wholesale or storage, then refer to the Commercial Property Lease Kit , as the retail legislation does not apply to these types of transactions.

If, however, your premises will be used by the tenant to carry on a retail business involved in the sale, hire or supply of goods or services to the public, then this Retail Lease Kit is suitable for you. Still not sure? See our list of Retail businesses in Queensland to help you determine whether your lease is a retail lease.

Pre-lease procedure before the lease is signed

The Retail Shop Leases Act requires certain procedures to be carried out before the lease agreement is signed. The landlord must:-

  • give the tenant a draft copy of the lease at least 7 days before the lease is signed;
  • give the tenant a disclosure statement, that summarises the key information contained in the lease;
  • provide the tenant with an estimate of outgoings as part of the disclosure statement;
  • require the tenant to provide the landlord with a tenant’s disclosure statement, a financial advice report and a legal advice report.

These steps are all explained in the Retail Lease Kit. The Kit includes the Disclosure Statement and Estimate of Outgoings.

The Queensland Retail Lease Kit contains:

  • Queensland Retail shop Lease Agreement template
  • Comprehensive Help Guide;
  • Landlord’s Disclosure Statement;
  • Tenant’s Disclosure Statement;
  • Financial Advice Report;
  • Legal Advice Report;
  • Our unbeatable Customer Service.
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