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Storage Space Licence Agreement

A storage space licence agreement is a written contract entered into between a party who owns or occupies space (“the licensor”) and a party who wishes to rent a portion of that space for storage purposes (“the storer”).

Whether you’re a small business owner who needs somewhere to store  equipment, supplies or inventory or an individual who has space to spare and wants to earn more money, renting out a storage unit is an ideal way to solve your problem.

RP Emery’s professionally drafted agreement template comes with easy to follow instructions to help you set out the terms of your rental arrangement without spending hundreds of dollars on legal fees.

What provisions are covered in the Agreement? 

Our storage space licence agreement covers all the essential terms and ground rules of the relationship, so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve forgotten to include something important.

The Agreement contains the following provisions –  
• rental fees including amount, frequency and method of payment;
• bond amount;
• rental term;
• care of the premises;
• dangerous goods;
• indemnity;
• liability and loss;
• breaches to the Agreement;

Sample Pages of Storage Space Agreement Template

Sample Storage Space Licence AgreementSample Page 2 Storage Space Licence Agreement Template

Simply download the Agreement, insert your information into the appropriate fields, and your professional Agreement is all ready to go! 

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