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Commercial Lease Agreement South Australia – SA

Even though Australian law permits leases to be oral or written , there is no doubt only a written commercial lease will protect your investment adequately and shield you from potential liability.

In fact a professionally drafted lease document lays the foundation for the continuing relationship between the property owner and the tenant.

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When is this Commercial Property Lease Agreement for SA most suitable?

The rules for lease registration and suitability for a particular purpose vary from state to state. However, this lease document is suitable for non-retail commercial spaces such as commercial offices, warehouses or units in an industrial complex .

If your premises fall under the Retail and Commercial Leases Act, 1995 , please visit our retail leasing pages for a more detailed explanation of the additional documentation and procedures you need to follow if expect to comply with South Australian retail tenancy laws.

For your convenience the documents can be downloaded immediately as MS Word documents . You can use the documents time after time, simply insert the correct information in the appropriate fields and tab to the next field. Now print your professional agreement !

Sample Sections of South Australian Commercial Property Lease

SA Commercial property Lease Sample Contents

Commercial Lease agreement sample South Australia

sample MS word commercial property lease agreement for SA

Sample Commercial Property Lease Provisions SA

The Commercial Lease Agreement kit SA contains:

  • Professionally drafted Commercial Property Lease Template
  • Easy-to-follow Users Guide;
  • Agreement to Lease (heads of agreement);
  • Tenant Application Form;
  • Commercial Premises Inspection Report;
  • Our unbeatable Customer Service.

Plus you will have access to the latest updated documents in your personalised Members’ Area.

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