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Retail Lease Disclosure Statements

Retail Lease Disclosure Statements

In Australia, States and Territories are responsible for retail tenancy regulation. Each State or Territory is governed by its own set of rules. While there are differences in the legislation between jurisdictions, they also share some common features.

A lessor’s disclosure statement is a document that a landlord is required to give a tenant when entering into or renewing a retail lease. It outlines all the key elements of the lease to ensure tenants are well equipped to make an informed business decision with regard to the prospective arrangement.

A Retail Lease Disclosure Statement should include, but is not limited to, the following information

  • The amount of rent payable;
  • The terms or duration of the lease;
  • Whether there is an option to renew; and
  • Any additional costs that apply to the lease

In all States and Territories across Australia, a landlord must generally give a disclosure statement as soon as they commence negotiations. Failure to comply can attract severe fines and penalties.

Obtaining a disclosure statement can be a costly and daunting exercise. Most legal professionals will generally charge upwards of $1500 for lease documentation and a disclosure statement.

Fortunately, RP Emery & Associates is here to provide you with a cost and time-friendly alternative. We’ve compiled a range of professionally drafted disclosure statements and easy to follow instructions to help guide you through the process.

Simply pick the state that applies to your state or territory, download your statement and fill in the correct information. It’s that easy!

Click here to view and purchase our state based Retail Lease Disclosure Statements - Instant Download

These Disclosure Statements are also available as part of our Retail Lease Packs see main menu above.

Sample Images from QLD Disclosure Statement Document shown as example

QLD retail lease disclosure statement sample page 1 QLD retail lease disclosure statement sample page 2

Click here to view and purchase our state based Retail Lease Disclosure Statements - Instant Download

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