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Shared Office Space Licence Agreement

A Shared Office Space Licence Agreement is a written document that sets out the terms of a relationship between a party who has decided to rent a portion of their commercial space (“the Licensor”) and a party who wishes to utilise that space for their own business purposes (“the Licensee”).

It’s important to recognise that this type of arrangement is different to a sublease. In contrast to a tenant, a licensee does not enjoy exclusive access or use of the shared space. For further assistance on determining whether to enter into a lease or a license arrangement, check out this article.

Our Shared Office Space Licence Agreement template covers various issues to ensure that each party understands their rights and obligations.

These issues include

• licence fees – amount, frequency, method of payment
• bond amount
• rental term
• care of the premises
• indemnity
• breaches to the Agreement

Having a written contract in place will provide greater certainty and peace of mind to all parties involved in the transaction.

Sample Page from Shared Office Agreement Template

Sample Page of Shared Office Space Agreement Template

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