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NSW Retail Tenancy Leasing Kit

This Retail Tenancy Leasing Kit is suitable for most retail shop leases in New South Wales that aren’t located in a large shopping centre.

If your tenant is selling or hiring goods or services directly to the public from your premises, then it is likely that your lease will be a retail shop lease and this Kit will be the right choice for you. If your premises are used as a factory, warehouse, office or storage site, see our Commercial Lease page for NSW . Not sure whether your lease is commercial or retail? See Is my NSW Lease a Retail Lease?

The Retail Lease Act, 1994 applies to all retail shop leases in New South Wales. The Act contains rights and obligations of both the tenant and the landlord on retail tenancy issues such as: the minimum term and options to renew the lease, security deposit, rent and rent increases, assignment and subletting and termination of the lease.

This lease kit complies with the Retail Lease Act. It comes with a Guide to help you understand your rights and obligations under the Act and complete your lease documentation with ease.

Watch the video to see an in depth sample of the Lease Agreement Template

Minimum 5 year lease term

In New South Wales, retail shop tenants automatically have a minimum 5 year lease term (this is calculated to include any options). If your lease is for a short term of less than 5 years, the tenant will need to obtain a certificate waiving the tenant’s right to the minimum 5 year lease period. This is explained further in the Retail Lease Kit.

Landlord must give disclosure statement

The landlord must provide the tenant with a disclosure statement and an estimate of the costs associated with the lease before the lease is entered into. The tenant has the right to terminate the lease within the first 6 months if the disclosure statement is not provided to the tenant, or it contained wrong or misleading information.

This Kit contains the Disclosure Statement required for New South Wales retail leases.

The NSW retail shop legislation

This kit was drafted to comply with the the Retail Leases Act 1994 and it contains a step-by-step guide to help you understand your obligations under the Act.

The Kit will help you to:

  • prepare your own Retail Lease;
  • prepare your Disclosure Statement;
  • follow the correct pre-lease procedure;
  • understand the law around retail leasing in NSW; and
  • comply with your legal obligations and understand your rights under the Retail Leases Act 1994.

The NSW Retail Lease forms Kit contains:

  • NSW Retail shop Lease Agreement template
  • Comprehensive Help Guide;
  • Landlord’s Disclosure Statement;
  • Retail tenants guide;
  • Our unbeatable Customer Support.

Plus you will have access to the latest updated documents in your personalised Members’ Area.

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